Dr. Ken West is going to be in Arizona November 16th through the 21st!!!

Dr. Kenneth West has traditional medical training as an Optometrist but is visionary in working in areas that are yet uncharted. Dr. West lectured at Oxford University for 5 years in a graduate program called: The Science and Medicine of Athletic Performance. He has worked extensively with Olympic Gold Medallists, world champions, and other elite athletes on an international and national level in 45 different sports. At last count, he has worked in 25 countries to improve performance with professional athletes who have improved their personal best by 70%.  The comparative investigation between international sports and the chronic disease processes has helped evolve the process that Dr. West works with. He has done extensive investigative studies with some publication in professional journals and many invited lectures/workshops around the world.


By using a combination of “energy” tools, Dr. Ken West works to delete the self destructive programming in our subconscious and restore the subconscious mind into rational thought patterns, which will in turn manifest itself in the conscious mind. His clients watch moving images on a computer screen and drink water modified with a certain energy and frequency. To align the conscious and subconscious Dr. West goes to the physical location for the zero point in the brain located between the limbic and the cognitive areas.    His method for accessing this connection is to stimulate the 12 cranial verves with visual images: animated complex, oscillating geometric patterns combined with swallowing.  Swallowing is the only time when we are not breathing.  It is a suspended moment between the in and out breaths. 

Destructive programs are held in the limbic brain, out of our normal consciousness.  The cognitive brain holds our goals and dreams; the thoughts and emotions that want us to have a nice life.  By stimulating these centers together, he is able to open communication with the limbic brain, delete the negative thoughts and images and align both centers with empowering thoughts focused on the client’s highest good.  Thoughts of love, appreciation, patience, support, gratitude, humility and other similar qualities open a heart-centered experience and the individual’s life energy flows freely without eh stress of unconscious resistance.  We think of it as a resent button on a computer.  It reboots us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Once the conscious mind is restored, life becomes a journey of new experiences vibrating at a higher level of consciousness.  Decisions are easier, thought patterns are clearer, stress is relieved, and anxiety deflates. Restoring the body and mind back to its optimum is the goal.  Attached is the full article that was written to explain what Dr. West does best. 


He will lecture at 3 different locations. 

Cost for lecture:  FREE!!!


Monday, November 16th, 2009 at 7:30pm (after Family Home Eve)

The Gathering House

15387 West Paradise Lane

Surprise, AZ 85374


Tuesday, November 17th, 2009 at 6:30 – 8:00 pm

Vital Solutions MD

4220 E McDowell Rd #103

Mesa, AZ 85215


Thursday, November 19th, 2009 at 10am-noon

Vital Solutions MD

4220 E McDowell Rd #103

Mesa, AZ 85215


For and appointment with Dr. West, please e-mail  choices-forlife@hotmail.com to schedule and appointment.

E-mail subject line should read: “Dr Ken West appointment”. Please share this information with others who you feel could benefit. Please plan to have either cash or a personal check (payable to Dr. Ken West) for payment. 


Individual sessions Cost $150.00 per person (or 2 people husband & wife or 2 friends $75 each) Individual issues and concerns will be addressed and will include pre-test and post-testing before and after the resetting. Individual’s questions will be addressed.


Group session (after each lecture)– Cost $50.00 per person

 One or more people will be chosen from the group to pre-test and post-test to show changes obtained with resetting process.

 Entire group will be reset at once.

 Questions will be addressed within the group.



FYI – I heard about this Dr. from a friend and I wanted my Mom to see him, and was able to arrange for him to come to Phoenix Monday, November 15th through that Saturday.  The speaking details are yet to be arranged but I believe he will be speaking for free, Monday eve at 7:30pm (after Family Home Evening) in Surprise and doing appointments all Tuesday and Wednesday.  Speaking in Mesa on Thursday between 10am and noon doing appointments the rest of Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 
When he spoke in Mendon, Utah he was booked solid for appointments from 8am till midnight 5 days straight.  They asked when he could come back and his schedule didn’t permit him to until the Spring.  When I called him he said he could do it the above week in November for us!!!  Read the two attached articles and you will get a preview of what he does.  His work is amazing. After hearing my friends testimony and some of her friends and reading the articles of what he has done for athletes across the globe, I’m really excited he is coming.
Here’s what others are saying about Dr. Ken West: 

Dear Friends,

I had a chance to go to hear Dr. West on Friday and felt it was well worth my time.    I arranged yesterday for him to come to Cache Valley.   I have included an article from a health journal about him.  I also attached an invitation to the  free meetings.  

I went to the meeting Friday where there were in attendance 5 chiropractors, a couple of foot zoners, a regular Doctor and a Massage therapist.  They asked good questions and he treated 4 volunteers from the group.  It was amazing to see the results.  I would love to tell you about it by phone if you want to call. Below is the information sent to me last week which piqued my interest enough to go – so I included it here as well.

 I hope you can come, it will be well worth your time!!  It would also be appreciated if you could distribute the info to others in your professional field as well as friends, clients/patients of yours who you feel could benefit from Dr. West’s services.  Please RSVP if you are coming so we can make sure we have enough chairs and to let us know if you would like to schedule a private session

Best Regards

Stephen & RoseAnn Brandley
This Dr. was amazing today.  I was told about him today by a lady who, both she & her husband, were gluten intolerant.  One treatment with this Dr., for the measely fee he charges of $150.00, and both she & her husband are no longer gluten intolerant.  Something she told me, she was told, that was incurable.

My daughter went to see him today for her crossed eye that she got this spring in March, it was caused by a virus &n parasites attacking her 4th cranial nerve.  It was supposed to correct itself by now.  It hadn’t.  I was able to get her in to this Dr. West this afternoon, and watched her eye transform in front of my eyes.  She followed a pen with her eyes while he covered one & then the other with a card.  The first time she was able to follow it, but the eye movements were jerky and rough.  When he had finished his procedure, she followed smoothly and her eye had straightened out.  It was really sweet.  Somehow he uses computer graphics to help reprogram the subconscious to override the saboteurs in our belief system and helps your body be able to take care of itself.  I cannot explain it very well, I just know it works.


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